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The Societies of Colonial New England and Virginia

The societies of New England and Virginia in the seventeenth century contrasted each other
greatly. Many of the immigrants that settled in these regions were from English or
European origin. Ironically, the life expectancy, family life, and types of communities
that these societies created completely contradicted each other.

Virginia’s society was a “gold rush” society where a majority of the colonists were men
who became indentured servants. Document F reveals that they fled England in search of a
more prosperous life. The statistics in document C exhibit the fact that most of the
colonists in Virginia were men. At this time in history, for every five men in Virginia
there was only one woman.

The colonists in New England, on the other hand, immigrated to America in families. New
Englanders lived in communities that consisted mostly of families. Document B illustrates
this phenomenon. As document D states, the people of New England intended their town to
“be composed of forty families…rich and poor.” The colonists in New England had large
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