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Capital punishment-the death sentence-has a long and controversial

history. Throughout centuries, countries have been using capital punishment as

a way of dealing with criminals whose crimes were so outrageous, only death was

a way of proving justice was served. Due to the fact that the death penalty can

and has been inflicted on innocent people, evidence that the death penalty is

not an effective deterrent, and that capital punishment is discriminative proves

to me that there are changes that must be made in our legal system. I do

believe capital punishment is necessary but we must take certain precautions

prier to executions.

Just a few days ago was watching 60 Minutes and there was a man on death

row since 1982. He was found innocent this year through the use of DNA and

forensic science. I'm convinced that there are more people on death row that

are innocent and there are also many were put death who were innocent-this is

the huge problem our justice system must handle. It seems like our law-

enforcement personnel want to solve the crime as soon as possible so they can

look good in front of American public. With our forensic science getting better

we should be able to determine if a person is hundred 10 percent guilty or not.

If so, then I fill those people should be put death.

Since the birth of this country in 1776, we have been using capital

punishment- but does it work as a deterrent? Statistics show it does not scare

criminals so what is the point of it if it is not an effective deterrent. I

don't know if these statistics are correct but I know that in other countries

like Saudi Arabia, the thought of having your hand cut off if convicted of

stealing does work as a deterrent. I believe that in some cases of murder,

ignorance of the law is a factor because not many criminals know the specific

crimes, which can lead to execution.

I took a criminal justice class last year and I remember hearing that

decisions in which we execute are fairly discriminative. The records and that

the majority of people we actually execute are nonwhite. If this is the case,

it's very wrong because it is prejudice as well as being unconstitutional. He

may possibly relate this to their economic status. It's not right that more
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