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AOD to T5 swap

Is your AOD giving you trouble? Want to get rid of that sludge box forever? Why don't you
do an AOD to T5 swap! Finally, a place where you can get the low down on exactly what it
takes to convert from an AOD to a Ford T5 transmission, step by step. First, lets look at
what you'll need for the conversion.

Note: The parts listed are for a T5 or T5Z transmission. Swapping to an aftermarket tranny
(example: TKO, 3550, T56, etc.) will require a slightly different list of parts. These
questions may be answered in the new Q&A list that is under developement.

Things you'll need: Parts

Starter index plate

Bell housing/scatter shield

Pivot ball

T5/T5Z transmission


Shifter knob

Shifter weather seal

Shifter boot


Clutch kit (pressure plate, clutch disc, and throw out bearing)

Pilot bearing

Clutch fork

Clutch cable

Clutch cable clip (secures the cable to the bell housing)

Pedal Assembly

Clutch quadrant

Speedometer gear

Back-up light harness (Ford part# E7ZZ-15525-A)

T5 transmission cross member

Exhaust hanger


Upper bell housing bolts (or washers to make up the extra length)

Pressure plate bolts

Starter plate to bell housing bolts

Transmission to bell housing bolts


Torque wrench

Complete socket set (standard and metric)

Screw drivers (phillips and flat head)

Assortment of wrenches (standard and metric)

12 point, 12mm socket (for the driveshaft)

O2 sensor socket (optional)

Extension(s) approx. 36" long


Jack stands

Now that you have an idea on the parts and tools needed for the conversion, it's time to
brake down the procedure. There are basically 2 parts: Under-the-car and inside-the-car.
Under-the-car is the heavy, major conversion work. It's basically the removal of the AOD
and the installation of the T5(Z). There is no real "modification" to be done. The only
thing that need to be "modified" is the opening for the shifter. The metal is so thin that
it can be bent upwards for clearance. The inside-the-car work is basically the
installation of the clutch pedal, clutch cable, relocation of the speedometer cable, and
removal of the AOD's shifter. Other factoids will be given as the conversion is spelled
out. If after going through this you have any questions, please feel free to E-mail me at


The only reason that I suggest starting with the inside is so that you have room for the
shifter when you install the transmission and something to hold on to the clutch fork when
installing the T5. This will be more clear as you read the step by step instructions.

Removal of the automatic pedal assembly

Remove the front drivers seat. This will make removing the pedal assembly A LOT easier.

Remove the plastic cover around the steering column and under the dash.

Remove the hood release cable bracket.

Lower the steering column. There are 4 nuts that support the steering column. As you are
lowering the column, unplug the wires so that they get taught and support the column.

Remove the nut and bolt from the top of the pedal assembly.

Remove the brake booster rod from the brake pedal.

Remove the 4 nuts on the back of the fire wall (brake booster nuts). The upper left nut is
the hardest one to get to. If you look carefully, you can get a ratchet/extension/socket
to remove it.

Wiggle the pedal assembly out from under the dash. This is the hardest part. Take your
time and try not to get upset. Take a breather or two if you are having trouble.

Relocation of the speedometer cable and install of the clutch cable

Remove the head light switch.

Remove the hazard lights switch.

Remove the gauge cluster cover.

Remove the gauge cluster. There are 2 plugs and the speedometer cable holding it back.
Don't force the gauge cluster away from the dash too hard.

Pull the speedometer cable out from under the hood.

Reinstall the speedometer cable through the other hole. If you look directly to the left
of where the speedometer cable came out of, you'll see the hole where the speedometer
cable needs to go through.

Reinstall the gauge cluster.

Reinstall the gauge cluster cover.

Reinstall the hazard and headlight switches.

Install of the manual pedal assembly
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