Not half, not some. Essay

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Not half, not some.

Glasser, P. (March 1997) Not half; not some. Phi Delta Kappan, The Professional Journal
for Education. Pages 504-8

The article entitled "Not half, not some," written by Perry Glasser was a very powerful
and meaningful article. Perry Glasser tells about his first years of teaching and things
that he will remember for the rest of his life. His first day of teaching was in September
of 1969, in a public high school in Brooklyn, New York. It has been over twenty seven
years that he has been teaching now, but he will never forget all of the important things
he has endured throughout his career.

This article goes onto some detailed information about the first years of teaching. These
are some of the things that Glasser mentioned that all good teachers know: "a teachers'
most important interactions occur outside the classroom; never confront a student when an
audience is present; always know how this week prepares for next week; never try to
deceive a class; when the teaching is good, small hairs at the beack of your neck rise."
And for a student planning to become an educator who has bever taught before, it really
makes you want to get in there and have that feeling soon.

The best part of the article was the story that Perry Glasser tells about the
teacher-parent conferences. He was very anxious the day of the interviews. A department
coworker gave him a little advice, to keep the parents talking; this would give a little
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