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author · Suzanne Fisher Staples
type of work · Novel
genre · Young adult novel, problem novel
language · English
time and place written · Mid-1980s;Washington, D.C.
date of first publication · 1989
publisher · Knopf
narrator · Shabanu
point of view · Shabanu, the protagonist, narrates the story. She objectively reports
only what she observes, but she shares her insights, ideas, and inferences about events
and characters.

tone · Shabanu speaks in a clear and simple voice. Her point of view reflects that she is
a teenager, struggling to make sense out of the world around her and her changing role in
it. She presents her story sequentially, filling in details of the past where needed.

tense · Shabanu speaks in the simple present, lapsing into the past only to explain events to the audience.
setting (time) · 1970s or 1980s
setting (place) · Cholistan Desert, in Pakistan, near the border with India
protagonist · Shabanu
major conflict · Shabanu struggles to reconcile herself with the marriage her parents have arranged for her.
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