Number One By Jill Nielson

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Number One by Jill Nielson

"Number One!" by Jill Nelson is a story that Jill Nelson tells about her father and his beliefs. She speaks about a Sunday breakfast that her family had every Sunday. This breakfast was like there church every Sunday, and her father was the preacher. He always preached about being number one, and he represented number one by holding up his middle finger. Her father never told the family exactly what he meant by number one, and when she was old enough to have the courage to ask, her father had gone through too many stages to remember. This is a good learning story. As I was reading this, I put myself in Jill's place. I asked myself, what does her father mean by number one, and why does he use his middle finger to represent it? I had a few theories, but the one that made the most sense was being all you could be. When she said that phrase, it was like a door of understanding was opened. "Be all you can be" is all any parent can ask of there children. Her father probably was preaching the whole number one thing to them so they would always ask themselves "Am I number one?" If I had a job I enjoyed, a loving family, and friends, then I asked myself, "Am I number one" my answer would be "Ye

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