Number the Stars Essay

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Number the Stars

Number the Stars was about a family who lives in Copenhagen, Denmark take in a Jewish girl
to protect her from the Nazis that are taking over Denmark. Meanwhile, Ellen’s
parents go with one of the Johansen’s family friends named Peter Neilsen. He was the
fiancÚ of their deceased daughter, Lise. The first night of having Ellen, Mr. And Mrs.
Johansen had planned out what to do if the Nazis were to come to their apartment that
night. They told Ellen that she was supposed to be, Lise Johansen. Lise is the deceased
child of Mr. And Mrs. Johansen. She died a couple years back in a car accident. Later that
evening when Ellen AKA Lise, Mr. And Mrs. Johansen, and Kirsti, Annemarie’s little
sister, and Annemarie were is bed; there was a knock at the door. It was the Nazi’s.
They stepped into the apartment knowing that the Rosen’s might be here since they
also knew they were friends. They searched the apartment. When Annemarie heard the noise,
she woke up Ellen. She told her to take off the Star of David that way the Nazi’s
didn’t know that she was Jewish. They introduced her with kindness like she was
their own daughter. They kind of thought that she wasn’t part of the family because
she had dark hair. Mr. Rosen then pulled out some baby pictures and showed the soldier
that she had dark hair as a baby. They tore them up and left. After a week or so, Mr. And
Mrs. Johansen decided to move in with Annemarie’s uncle, Uncle Henrik. They would be
safer there without the Nazi’s more at there back then at Denmark. He lived by the
sea and was a fisherman. Then one day out of the blue, Annemarie’s uncle and her
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