Oconto WI vs. Las Vegas NV Essay

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Oconto WI vs. Las Vegas NV

Oconto, WI vs. Las Vegas, NV

I currently live in Oconto, WI, but would love to go to Las Vegas, NV. Therefore, I am
going to compare these two very different cities in terms of economics. There is great
variation in the comparison between Oconto, WI and Las Vegas, NV. Oconto is located in
Oconto County and Las Vegas is located in Clark County. Las Vegas has an elevation of 2000
feet, while Oconto is only 591 feet. Oconto has a land area of 6.9 square miles,
compared to Las Vegas with 113.3 square miles. Also Oconto has only one zip code, but Las
Vegas has 36.

The population of Oconto, Wisconsin was estimated at 4,751 in July of 2002. Compare this
to the estimated population in July 2002 for Las Vegas at 508,604 people. Males made up
48.0% of Oconto's population at 2,259 and females made up the other 52.0% at 2,449.
However, males made up 50.8% of the population in Las Vegas at 243,077 and females made up
the remaining 49.2% at 235,357 people.

The median resident age for Oconto is 36.9 years. This is fairly close to that of Las
Vegas at 34.5 years. Oconto had a median household income of $34,589 in 2000. Again Las
Vegas had a fairly close number of $44,069 which was also in 2000. A big difference comes
in the median house value between the two cities. Oconto has a value of $69,800 which was
in 2000. However, Las Vegas had a value of $137,300 in 2000.

The race breakdown between the two cities is also very different. The majority of Oconto
is made up of the White Non-Hispanic race at 97.3% of the population. Following are the
minorities in Oconto of American Indian at 1.2%, two or more races at 0.9% and Hispanic at
0.8%. By looking at this data it is easy to see that Oconto is not a very culturally
diverse town. The majority of Las Vegas is also made up of White Non-Hispanic people at
58.0%. This is considerably lower than Oconto and Las Vegas is made up of many more races
than Oconto. Following are the minorities in Las Vegas of Hispanic at 23.6%, Black at
10.4%, other races at 9.7%, two or more races at 4.1%, Filipino at 2.3%, American Indian
at 1.5%, Chinese at 0.6%, Other Asian at 0.6%, and Japanese at 0.5%. The reason the total
is greater than 100% is because Hispanics could be counted in other races.

The ancestries of the two cities are also different. Oconto is made up of German at 39.3%,
French at 16.8%, Polish at 8.0%, French Canadian at 6.3%, Irish at 6.2%, and United States
at 5.2%. In comparison to the ancestry of Las Vegas which is made up of German at 12.2%,
Irish at 9.8%, English at 8.4%, Italian at 6.7%, United States at 4.5%, and French at
2.8%. In Oconto, 0.4% of the population is Foreign born compared to Las Vegas where 18.9%
were Foreign born.

From Oconto, the nearest city with a population of 50,000 is Green Bay, which is 27.7
miles away, a population of 200,000 is Milwaukee, which is 127.1 miles away, and the
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