Odysseus Argumentative Essay

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Odysseus is a hero of all times thanks to Homer who wrote his story in The Odyssey.
Odysseus is a hero in his on time because of all his adventures and characteristics. Homer
wrote about the Trojan War, in which Odysseus took part in, in the Iliad, and about
Odysseus' long journey home in, The Odyssey. There have been theories that suggest that
Homer was illiterate and could not have possibly recited poems of these lengths by memory,
and that they were put together much later on and added to. However, there is evidence
that a city, possible Troy, existed and was destroyed. Also there was a kingdom of Ithica
which allows for a king Odysseus. Even if the King did not go to the war there was still a
chance that he might have existed.

In the Odyssey, Homer used a narrative structure to tell his stories. The original texts
were wrote on papyrus scrolls and it is theorized that these scrolls each told a chapter
in Homers plays. The modern version of The Odyssey is a combination of all these scrolls
that could have existed as separate stories about Odysseus' travels, his encounters, and
how he obtained his status as a hero.

Ancient Greece has always been an interest of mine. In 6th grade a teacher that I had know
for my whole schooling showed a movie every week. One week we watched "Jason and the
Argonaughts". Ever since then I could never get enough Greek mythology. In freshman year
of high school we read the annotated text book version of The Odyssey. Lucky for me, I
transferred English classes at the semester and I was able to read The Odyssey twice. And
since then Odysseus has been a hero to me.

The story starts in book 9, Odysseus telling his story to the King of Phaeaica. They
sacked a city then sailed away when faced with opposing force. Next, they landed on the
island of the lotus-eaters. After Odysseus pried his crew away from the lotus-eaters, they
landed on the island of the Cyclops. Here is where Odysseus displays all his heroic

Odysseus picked twelve of the best warriors from his crew to accompany him on the visit to
the Cyclops, Polyphemus, and son of the god that shakes the Earth, Poseidon. Polyphemus
takes Odysseus captive and proceeds to eat his warriors for meals. Odysseus dreams up an
ingenious plan. He reveals to the Cyclops that his name is Nobody. Then, while the Cyclops
slept, Odysseus sharpened a log, heated it to an ember, and blinded the Cyclops. When
Polyphemus cried to the other Cyclops that he had been blinded, he told them that Nobody
had blinded him so the other Cyclops did not come to his help. Then to complete his plan,
Odysseus and his remaining crew hid in the under belly of Polyphemus' sheep when they went
out to pasture. Odysseus had to actually hold on to the sheep's under belly with his arms,
unlike his crew who was tied to them.

Odysseus uses his heroic qualities to over come all the conflicts that the fates and the
Gods throw at him. He uses his cunning when he returns to his household. First he has to
figure out a way to defeat all the suitors when there are only three of them. After he
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