Of mice and men2 Book Report

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of mice and men2

Of Mice and Men - Critical Evaluation

ĎOf Mice and Mení is a book, which deals with the issues of loneliness, dreams and
friendship, the author of this book, is John Steinbeck and it was first published in 1937.

The story this book tells is of two friends who travel together looking for work during
the recession in America in the 1930ís. The men are George and Lennie. George has to look
after Lennie because he is a bit dumb and gets into trouble a lot. They both have a dream
of owning their own farm one day.

All the characters in the novel show aspects of the main themes, the two main characters,
George and Lennie, illustrate these themes throughout the book. They travel together for
companionship and for someone to talk to. George and Lennie have nothing in common and
therefore the only reason they are friends is to stop each other from becoming lonely.
Lennie isnít all that smart and he worships George utterly, but sometimes George gets
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