Of Mice and Men Study Guide

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Of Mice and Men

When writing the novel Of Mice and Men, John Steinbeck made many
themes clear to his readers. Some of these themes were good statements to live by, and
others weren’t. Most of these themes were about people’s social lives, because that was
what a good part of the book was about. They addressed friendship, equality, and death.

The first, and probably most important lesson taught by this book was the value of
friendship. From the very beginning of the book, readers can tell that George and Lennie
are very close friends. Later, the book tells of this odd duo’s past. Because Lennie was
never too bright, George often took advantage of him. Eventually, though, George decided
Lennie needed someone to take care of him and lead him through life. The two stuck
together, though Lennie often got them both into trouble.

Another theme the book contains is negative statements about human
equality. On the ranch where George and Lennie worked, the ranch hands were considered
more inferior than the wealthy boss, his son, and his daughter-in-law. One of the ranch
hands, Crooks, was a black man and also a cripple. He was considered more inferior than
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