Old man and the sea

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old man and the sea

By: Ernest Hemingway
The Old Man and the Sea is a book by Ernest Hemingway, which is a book that describes
Santiago’s (the old man) journey to catch a Marlin (a big sword fish). Santiago had an
apprentice named Manolin, whose parents took him out of this job because Santiago couldn’t
catch a fish. After a long long battle with the Marlin Santiago finally catches the
Marlin, but when he returns a pack of sharks come and eat the flesh of the fish, and he
comes back empty handed.

Santiago: Old, Poor, Courageous, and Determined
Manolin: Young, Caring, Used to be an apprentice for Santiago, Fisherman
Marlin: Powerful, Enormous, Energetic, And Elusive

3 questions a teacher would ask me:
1) What is the theme of the Old Man and Sea?
2) How did Santiago survive while out to sea so many days?
3) Why is the Marlin so important to Santiago? A- Emotionally B- Physically

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