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Oliver North

In October and November 1986, two secret illegal U.S. Government operations were publicly
exposed. In addition to naming other people as illegal operatives, the scapegoat of it all
was Lieutenant Colonel Oliver L. North. Only months before he was being heraled in the New
York Times as "President Reagan's Man of Action", and now North was being handed the blame
of all guilty of illegally negotiating deals with Iran and Nicaragua. As the Iran-Contra
Scandal was led into the national spotlight, so was Oliver North. But while in that
spotlight, North pleaded the Fifth Amendment, the right to not incriminate yourself. With
doing so, he also saved the reputations of many who turned their backs on him. For this
and many other achievements, Lt. Col. Oliver L. North is an American hero.

Oliver L. North was born in San Antonio, Texas. His age and date of birth are being
withheld due to security reasons. He attended school in Philmont, New York and later
enrolled into the United Sates Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland. As graduation neared,
North chose the path of being a Marine Corps leader. He was later called into duty in
Vietnam, where he was station with K Company of the Third Battalion, Third Marine
Regiment, Third Division from December 3, 1968 to August 21, 1969. During his service,
North led many covert operations, and was awarded a Silver Star, a Bronze Star, and two
Purple Hearts. He was a "marine's marine", and was a one-of-a-kind leader.

While in Vietnam, he was assigned to counterinsurgency operations in which he met General
Singlaub and General Secord, then lieutenant colonels. After coming back from Vietnam, he
served as a planner in the Marine Corps headquarters in Washington, D.C. After being
promoted to Major in the Marine Corps, North led a detachment of Marines who were to
assist the rescuers of the aborted mission to free U.S. hostages in Tehran. A little more
than a year later, while North was studying at the Naval War College in Providence, he
came to befriend Navy Secretary John Lehman. Lehman helped North get a spot on the
National Security Council. Among several military officers sent to the National Security
Council, North was the youngest. He was described as a "bright articulate officer with a
gung ho spirit who saw the world in sharply etched blacks and whites." His role was to
draw up plans, to get them approved, and to see that they are carried out. He was also
looked on to help equip the National Security Council to take part in covert operations.
He was also called on to enact nuclear war game scenarios to better help the President and
his staff for possible situations. And with his ranking of only Lieutenant Colonel, he
holds many more responsibilities than many of his senior officers. He has often offended
his senior officers due to their jealousy and their resentment to taking orders from a
lieutenant colonel acting in the name of the President. His relationship with President
Reagan has also boosted his authority around the White House. A strong believer in
everything Reagan, Oliver North has had the ability to talk to the President anytime he
wants, one-on-one.

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