On The Road- A Success? Essay

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On The Road- A Success?

"On the Road"- a success?

So much open space- mile after mile of cities, towns, Waffle Houses, and a whole lot of
whatnot. There's such a feeling of freedom on a road trip, just sticking your head out the
window to let the breeze of every place that passes, cover your face. So much is taken in,
yet so little, you find it's hard to stop to sleep or feed yourself. You're driving to get
somewhere, but that somewhere doesn't matter, all that matters is driving and letting the
wind take you. Friends, yell at attractive people as you pass, Or fighting with family,
arguing about who's going to eat the last piece of string cheese. It's all about the
moment and what you choose to do with it. "On the Road", a novel written by Jack Kerouac,
contains many such road trips during a time in life called: the beat generation. It's an
extraordinary tale of two young men searching for things they don't even realize until
they get to their destinations; and when they reach those destinations all they want to do
is driveā€¦.

In first reading "On the Road", one might find it a touch absurd and slightly confusing.
The writing goes in all directions and who is this Dean guy anyway? Upon reading the novel
a second time there's this fascination with all the characters and their actions. The tale
unfolds with Salvatore Paradise, called simply: Sal. Sal is a writer, in his thirties,
living in New Jersey (his whole life). He becomes obsessed (it seems) with a guy named
Dean Moriarty. Dean is an interesting character- a con and a womanizer; he still becomes a
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