One of the most destructive elements of the German Essay

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One of the most destructive elements of the German Kriegsmarine is the U-Boat arm.
Brought together by master tactician Karl Donitz, the U-Boat arm is going to be one of the
German Military that would scare the crap out of the Prime Minister Winston Churchill.
Deonitz is the U-Boat commander in our first world war. Having his boat destroyed and
being captured, he thought of and came out with some tactics. He know’s that an attack
from a convoy by more than one submarine, or by a wolfpack of subs, would be more
effective in sinking more allied shipping. The time when Hitler called to rearment,
Doenitz was put in charge of the U-Boat arm. Of the new Kriegsmarine that should be able
to challenge the British fleet on Equal terms. The submarine was the only tool in
Deonitz’s eyes that could be able to do this job effectively. The war broke out in
September of 1939. Deonitz was able to get excellent results though given the means at
his disposal. The boats like the Type VII were available to Doenitz and the Germans were
advanced for their time but that was not that advanced. They were basically surface ships
that could submerge for a limited time. When submerged they will be allowed to

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