One perfect Rose Essay

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One perfect Rose

No More Roses Please

Poems vary in ways such as style, rhyme, and rhythm. “One Perfect Rose “ written by
Dorothy Parker, is short but unique poem. This poem is unique because of imagery,
personification and paradox.

The poem “One Perfect Rose” uses imagery in the first stanza. Imagery is defined as
passes or words that stir feelings or memories through an appeal to the senses. For
example, the poem states “Deep-hearted, pure, with scented dew still wet”

(Parker p 482). This gives the poem sensory of how the rose smell “scented” and feel “wet”.
The second stanza in “One Perfect Rose” uses personification. Personification is giving
human qualities to nonhuman things. For instance, “I knew the language of the floweret” (p
482) stating that the women who is speaking (persona) to the flower, knew the flower’s

The last stanza in the poem “One Perfect Rose” uses paradox. A paradox is an apparently
contradictory statement that upon examination makes sense. For example, “Why is it no one
ever sent me yet one perfect limousine” (p 482).
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