Orgon The Good, Or Orgon The B Essay

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Orgon The Good, Or Orgon The B

In the beginning of Moliere's play Tartuffe, the character Orgon is very distasteful, but
changes by the end of the play and becomes more amiable.

The character Orgon, in the beginning, is exceedingly stern. For example, in the beginning
of the play, Orgon takes a man into his home, to which he believes is pious in every way.
This man is Tartuffe, who deceives Orgon and Madame Pernelle into thinking he is a
heavenly man, in order to gain their wealth and Orgon's wife. He Tartuffe succeeds in
deceiving those two but the rest of Orgon's family discovers his unheavenly ways. Orgon's
family tries to convince Orgon of Tartuffe's evil intentions, but when Orgon believes
something to be true, he won't let anything come between him and what he thinks is right,
even his own family.

Orgon orders his only daughter to wed Tartuffe against her will. Orgon states to Mariane,
'Yes, Tartuffe shall be allied by marriage to this family, and he's to be your husband, is
that clear? It's a father's privilege.'; (Act 2, scene 1) Orgon's son Damis who told him
of Tartuffe's treachery also confronted Orgon, but Orgon does not believe him. Orgon
screams, ' So! You insult him, and defy your father! A stick! A stick! Out of my house
this minute! Be off with you, and never dare set foot in it again. I disinherit you; an
empty purse is all you'll get from me-except my curse!';(Act 3, scene 6) Also, when Orgon
was confronted by his own wife, he still could not believe that Tartuffe was a bad man.
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