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othello summary

Plot Summary
Iago is passed over for a promotion by his commander, Othello, a Moor and a general in the
service of Venice, and vows revenge. Othello has just married Desdemona, the daughter of
Brabantio, a Venetian Senator, and Iago enlists the aid of Roderigo, a rejected suitor, to
tell Desdemona's father about the marriage. Brabantio goes to seize his daughter, but is
interrupted by news of a Turkish attack on Cyprus. The Duke and the Senate convene, and
after hearing Desdemona and Othello testify to their love for one another, they allow her
to accompany him to Cyprus, which he will defend against the Turks. Iago, whom Othello
regards as honest and trustworthy, is given charge of Desdemona on the journey.

At Cyprus, Iago has Roderigo start a brawl, in which Cassio, Othello's
lieutenant, wounds another man. Othello strips Cassio of his command, and Cassio goes to
Desdemona to ask her to convince her husband to reinstate him. Iago, meanwhile, sets about
convincing Othello that Desdemona has been unfaithful to himwith Cassio. Through innuendo
and pretended hon- esty, Iago makes Othello almost mad with jealousy, until the Moor names
him his lieutenant and makes Iago promise to help him kill Cassio and Des-demona.

Desdemona has lost a handkerchief that Othello gave her as a love-token,
and Emilia, Iago's wife, _nds it and gives it to her husband. Iago plants
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