Owen An Anotated Bibliography

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Owen An Anotated Bibliography


Benet, W.R. “Literary Support”. The London Times 6 January 1921: P. 6. This article
criticizes Owen’s non-combatant attitude of the war. He disagrees with Owen fighting the war and then writing protesting poems against it.
Blunden, Edmund. “Mainly Wilfred Owen”. In his War Poets: 1914-1918 Harlow:
England Longman Group (1958) 29-36. This article discusses the influence that Sassoon had on Owen. Blunden also describes the influence that the war had on Owen’s poetry.
Braithwaite, Stanley. “Wilfred Owen, the Poet”. Boston Transcript 5 March 1921: This article discusses the surreal world of war in Owen wrote his poetry. He comment

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