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I would like to introduce you to the sport of paintball. Paintball is an addictive game
for everybody. Players range from six to sixty, and are of any race or sex. There are
many different ways to play, and an almost infinite amount of equipment for you to choose
from. It is a great sport because of all the different types of equipment, and playing
fields and other players can be found almost anywhere.

Paintball is a very new sport. The first games were played by a few enterprising players
who used cattle marking guns to play. Their paint was non-washable and expensive, costing
up to a buck a ball. The first game was played on June 27, 1981. They played capture the
flag against each other with Nel-Spot 007 pistols. The winner captured all the flags
without firing a shot. In April of 1982, the first outdoor field was opened in Rochester,
NY. Also in 1982 Paintball Marketing Incorporated was founded to market and distribute
paintball products. In 1983 the first national championship was held with a $14,000
dollar purse. Also in 1983 the first foreign paintball field opened. In 1984 the sport
was introduced to Australia and the first indoor field was opened in Buffalo, NY. From
this point, paintball started to “snowball”, picking up interest in foreign
countries and on the internet. New high-tech paintball products are invented all the
time, making the sport increasingly more complex.

Paintball has become a high-tech sport compared to the guns of the last couple of decades.
For a long time, all of the guns ran off of 12 gram Co2 which would shoot up to 40 shots.
The guns were pump action, and would hold a small amount of paint. The paint itself
would cost up to a buck a ball. Masks were often safety or ski goggles. Today, guns are
run by a small computer manufactured into them. They run off of large bottles of Co2,
nitrogen, and compressed air, which will shoot up to 2000 times. Guns are semi-auto, or
full auto, and will shoot over 25 rounds a second. Loaders hold over 200 balls and even
have motorized fans inside of them to load balls. Paint cost less than 3 cents a ball.
Safety has also improved a lot. Now you can buy complete facemasks, gloves, or body
armor. The sport is still evolving and at any given time there is bound to be a new

There are many benefits to playing paintball. Paintball develops several skills. It will
develop leadership, communication, and other important skills. It is not uncommon to see
a business take all of their employee’s paintballing to help them develop group
skills. Paintball also gives a lot of exercise, teaches you to be quiet and stealthfull,
and teaches strategy.

There are many reason people play, in addition to benefits above. Some people simply like
to shoot at other people. With others it acts as stress-relief. Still other people play
professionally for prizes or money. Everybody has a different reason for playing. When I
asked Chris Frye what he most enjoyed about paintball, he replied “I can relieve my
competitiveness, and the satisfaction that I can compete against other people”. I
like to play because I get to shoot my friends, I get a lot of excersize, and I get to
customize my own equipment. Your equipment does not have to be in a standard form it can
be whatever you want it to be. Some players like heavy guns and barrels, which will be
quieter and more accurate. When I asked Tracy Roberts how she chose here equipment she
said, “Performance and quality. In tournament ball you have to use what is
comfortable for you and it has to be reliable. My equipment has never let me down.

There are many different ways and types of games to play. You can play recreational or
tournament paintball. In recreational paintball there is no prize and you play mostly
with friends. You can play team flag, survivor flag, scenario games, and many others.
In team flag you have a team of at least 3 people, competing against other teams in a
“capture the flag” style. In survivor flag everybody has a flag. The object
of the game is to collect as many flags as possible by eliminating players. A scenario
game is a game made to simulate an event such as Star Trek, World War II, or other events.
Normally there are missions in the game, and normally there is a good and evil team.
Tournament games yield a prize, money, or plaque. They are most often played as team
games or top gun. In top gun it is free-for-all, and the survivor is the winner.
Speedball is another popular game played on small fields. Since the field is small, the
action is fast and the games are quick.

Speedball fields are made up of mostly pallets, tree stumps some bunkers, and even old
cars or barrels. People shoot a lot of paint fast, because they are so close. There can
be a surprisingly large number of players on the field at a time. Survivor games are
played very often on speedball fields. Most fields, however are heavily wooded, or have a
lot of artificial cover. The games run longer, so the fields normally set a time limit.
Most games played here are flag games, but survivor and scenario games are played too.
Indoor fields are a lot like speedball, but they are set in large warehouses or other
buildings. In an indoor field they can have special lighting, or effects like fog. All
of these fields have different rules, but it is standard to not allow full-auto guns, or
speeds over 300 feet per second.

There are many different guns, but a player’s first is likely to be a stock gun. A
stock gun is based on the very first guns. They are equipped with a nel-spot valve, a
plastic barrel and body, and small hoppers. They use 12 gram Co2 to shoot paintballs
slowly and with little accuracy. These guns are cheap and most players get a new, better
gun soon after playing their first few games. A player normally gets a semi-auto or a
pump after their stock gun. Pumps offer more accuracy, and waste less paint and gas.
They are also less expensive. Semi-autos shoot a lot of paint, and use more gas than a
pump. You will also spend more on a semi-auto. Both of these guns shoot with large
capacity gas bottles, at adjustable speeds. Electric markers are the ultimate gun,
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