Parenting and Discipline Essay

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Parenting and Discipline

Answer the following questions about the type of discipline and rewards you were given by
your caretakers in your growing up years:

a. Would you describe your parents as strict? Yes/No
I would consider them to be fair..but if I had to chose I would have to say strict
b. What was the most common method of discipline used?
They would discipline by explaining my wrong-doings and probably make my go to my room and
I was not able to use anything in my room. I would have to sit there until I felt I was
ready to come out.

c. How often were you punished?
Every time I did something wrong

d. Did your parents believe in physical punishment? Yes / No
(In what form? How often were you punished in this manner?)

e. If you did something favorable, were you rewarded? Yes/No
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