Parents Importance To A Childs Life (very Brief) B Essay

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Parents Importance To A Childs Life (very Brief) B

Parents are very important to a child's life. They influence children in many ways.
Including how they act, talk, walk, and the way they act around other people. Even when
the children grow up into adults, they still adapt some things that the parents do.

The reason that even when kids grow up to be adults, they still adapt things from their
parents is because they need to grow on something. Moreover, if they have kids of their
own they are going to go to their mother and ask her how she raised them. In the poem
written by Edna St. Vincent Millay, she states "The courage that my mother has Went with
her, and is with her still". This means that she gets her courage from her mother because
her mother still has courage. Therefore, when she grows up and has kids she wants to be as
courageous as her mother is.

Another example of the reason why adults' memories still stay with them from their parents
is that in the book "The Men in My Life" which is written by James D. Houston it states
that "Ragtag bits of this and that he has touched, stacked, stored. Useless to anyone but
him, and he's gone now." It shows how much he will miss his father and how all that stuff
his father has had was useful to him and now he wants to keep it to see if it will be
useful to him and so he can remember his father.

Even now, the younger generation always looks up to the older generation for advice on
there own kids. Without parents, we wouldn't know how to grow up and raise our own kids.
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