Paul anmd hi role in the development of christiani Essay

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paul anmd hi role in the development of christianity

The Apostle Paul is known as the greatest missionary of the early church. Paul, who once
vowed to wipe out belief in Jesus Christ, was later converted to do the work of Christ. He
would author almost half of the 27 books in the New Testament. He endured sickness,
rejection, and repeated attacks on his life to bring the message of God's grace and
forgiveness to Gentiles. Paul was the apostle largely responsible for the solid inception
and growth of Christianity. He spoke before Jews, Greeks, and Romans. Paul is known as the
apostle to the Gentiles. He defended God's Word before kings and emperors of this world.
By the end of his life, much of the Mediterranean world had been reached with the gospel.

The early life of the Apostle Paul is a broad overview of his youth growing up in Tarsus.
During this part of our seminar we will cover Paul's schooling under Gamaliel, the leading
scholar in Israel during the first century A.D. This part of Paul's life will describe his
eyewitness account of the stoning of Stephen, and his early persecution of the Christian

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