Pearl Harbor2 Essay

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Pearl Harbor2

On December 7, 1941 the Japanese launched a sneak attack on Pearl Harbor.  This attack on
the United States Pacific Fleet was a total tactical success.  Using 360 planes and midget
submarines, were able to sink the USS Arizona, USS California, USS Maryland, USS Oklahoma,
USS Pensylvania, USS Tennessee, and the USS Utah.  They also destroyed Hickman Field, the
US air base on Hawaii.

      The result of this attack was a declaration of war on Germany, Italy, and Japan by
the United States.  It also had an effect on the Japanese-Americans living on the West
Coast.  American citizens had property taken away and were incarcerated by their fellow
citizens with executive order 9066.  Even through this racist act many Japanese-Americans
volunteered for service in the United States Army.  This unit was given the derogatory
name of Nisei.  Yet, those Japanese-Americans who fought in the United States Army got an
award for their courage and endurance.

The choice of the Japanese to bomb Pearl Harbor was not very smart. Not only did it start
World War II, it caused the death of many Japanese-Americans in the states by fellow
Americans. The Japanese could of talked out their difficulties with the Americans, but
they didnt and was the start of a great war in the Japanese history

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