Pedro martinez Essay

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pedro martinez

For my Famous Hispanic American report , I am writing about Pedro

Martinez. He was born on October 25 , 1971 in the Dominican Republic.

Pedro speaks two languges which are spanish and english. His parents are

Paulino and Lapoldina Martinez and they just speak spanish .Pedro also has

an older brother and his name is Ramon Martinez and he speaks spanish and

english like his younger brother Pedro .Pedro and Ramon grew up to be very

ahletic . They played baseball for a long time , even when they were toddlers

they played tee-ball together .As they grew up they became better at it . Pedro

was selected to play for the Dominican Republic national basesball team.

Around that time he was asigned toa professional baseball contract to play for

the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Three years later on1987 the Los Angeles Dodgers offers Pedro

Martinez A major-league contract .Next year he signs his first major-league

contract with the Los Angeles Dodgers .On September 24 , 1992 Pedro made

his Major-league debut , starting for the Dodgers to play against Cincinnati

Reds .He pitched seven innings but did not earn a decision , allowing a run

and striking out seven batters .He appeared in relief in his second Dodgers

game a few days later , but he gave up a run and lost the game .His final

statistics for his first major-league appearance were an 0-1 record , 8 innings

pitched , 8 strikouts and 1 walk , and a 2.25 ERA .

Pedro was thrilled to be in the major-leagues and pleased to join hid

older brother Ramon on the Dodgers pitching staff .In his second and third

major-league seasons , Ramon had continued to be one of the team's best

pitchers , leading Los Angeles with 17 wins in 1991 and winning eight games

before an arm injury ended his 1992 season .

Pedro was having some arm troubles himself for a while .Fortunately ,

the injury was to his left arm , not his pitching arm .In the off-season , Pedro

underwent srgery to correct the arm soreness .The surgery was succesful ,

and after a rehabilitation period he focused on getting back into shape . His

goal for the Dodgers was to make the team through spring training of 1993 .

So , he did and the 1993 major-league season was spent with the Los Angeles

Dodgers .

For the 1994 major-league season he played for the Montreal Exops .

He was really sorry that he couldn't stay on the team that gave him a major-

league professional baseball start , and was disapointed that he would not be

pitching on the same staff as his older brother Ramon .But , the Expos

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