Perfect storm Essay

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perfect storm

Sara Tillison
Ms. Parks
Eng. IV Adv.x
The Perfect Storm Journal Entries

1.What kind of person do you think the author is?
I think Junger is very, very interested in the topic of the book. He showed great
knowledge when it came to the setting the boats, and the terminology. I wouldn’t be
surprised if he was into a few extreme sports. Sebastian Junger weaves a compelling
narrative. He tells of the lives of sword fishermen and their families. He describes the
training and ordeals of sea rescuers. He explains the meteorology of ocean storms, their
origins, how they are compounded, and their terrifying fury and destruction. And, most
harrowing, he recreates the likely scenario of the last hours and minutes of a swordfish
boat lost to the storm. He must have done great research to write this novel, and make it
so interesting to read.

2.Would you change the ending of the story in any way?
Well we all know that this is nearly impossible sense the lives of those men, were not
only lost in the novel, but also in real life, but still I would have liked to see them
come out of it. It was weird reading this book, and know that these men were going to
die. The whole time I just wanted to scream to them, “hello, do you know what you are
getting yourselves into!” Things happen, and I imagine that the success of the book would
not have been possible buy the few lives that could have been spared. With all
non-fiction novels, for one reason or another we like to hear about things that really
happed, gross, mean, or violent, or even deadly things. Something in us is turned on, and
we thrive for the bad stuff. I guess I just have a lot of compassion for the families of
these men, I really, really wish that they have had lived through that, and came out with
lots of cool stories.

3.Are there any parts of this work that were confusing to you?
It took many times of me asking my step- father what side of the boat is which, what’s
this, whites that. I was constantly going to either my stepfather or my uncle, since they
both fish a lot, what was what in the novel. At one point I had to break away my book
from my uncles hands. I didn’t grow up around here, so I don’t know were some of the
places were, or the weather conditions, or the terminology for a lot of things were, I
just had to place it all together. I guess it’s because I do not fish, and I have only
been on my boat around 3 times, and that was only to go tubing in the bay. I got through
it though.
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