Permissible Violence in the case of Self-Defense Essay

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Permissible Violence in the case of Self-Defense

In Martin Luther King's essay "The Ways of Meeting Oppression" and in the text
"Nonviolence", the term nonviolence is explained as a technique for social struggle. On
the other hand, in the reading "The Black Panther Party for Self- Defense" it is stated
that this social struggle doesn't always carry the same meaning with the term nonviolence.
As I agree with Black Panther's idea, in my essay, I am going to discuss the extent that
the black panthers' resort to violence is justifiable.

According to Martin Luther King, there are three ways that oppressed people cope with
oppression; Acquiescence, basically where the oppressed get used to being oppressed.
Resort to physical violence and corroding hatred, which would bring momentary solutions
and establish additional and more complex problems. Nonviolent resistance, that seeks to
create a balance between the acquiescence and violence by preventing the extremes and
immoralities of both. In the text "Nonviolence" the term is explained as "a set of
assumptions about morality, power and conflict that lead its proponents to reject the use
of violence in efforts to attain social and political goals." (p.1) As King implies, those
assumptions does not imply a battle between people but a opposition between justice and
injustice and by the help of nonviolent resistance the Negro can fight for equality. The
hint is to create effective tactics and considering political and cultural conditions, and
develop a better plan or strategy.

As the rule of capitalism, the rulers' power depends on the populace's power. However, the
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