Perpespectives On An Orange

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Perpespectives on an Orange

When people think of oranges they see beautiful pieces of fruit, sweet and filled to its rind with a gratifying nectar that sprays into your mouth with the first bite. It’s distinct and citrus fragrance can be smelled from across the room once its soft rind has been cut. The orange’s smell is juicy and sweet, and can be noticed with little effort once the orange’s peel has been sliced. In this photo, ‘Have One’, the orange in the picture being held has been peeled halfway, spraying its beautiful citrus smell into the air, persuading people to buy it. It is a paper label used for a crate to promote the fruit they ship across the United States. But, underneath the initial meaning of this picture lies a new perspective of where the orange originates and how it has defined and given people many different views of California, and how looking at this picture brings many personal memories of how oranges have effected me.
At first glance, this orange having been grown in the spacious citrus fields of California appears to be ripe, juicy, and ready to be eaten. In this picture it says, “Have One” which displays how these farmers wish everyone would eat their nectar filled fruits. The ripe, half-peeled orange and the blue background in the picture gives it colors to help attract the human eye to the picture bringing attention to itself, and the farmers, who tend the land and toil laboriously in the field for their oranges to be ripe and perfect for sale.
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Farmers want people to enjoy their oranges and the sweet nectar it holds. Oranges are grown by hardworking people, who know how to grow the huge, luscious oranges that people love. A lot of meticulous work goes into growing these oranges due to the vast size of the orchid and the vast quantity of trees and oranges that the farmers must take care of ¹. These oranges do not take days, but months to grow onto a healthy tree capable of producing fruit. This process forces the farmers to take great care of their orange groves due to the importance of every single orange being grown, because every orange grown and sold is money in their pocket. These oranges must be nothing less than the best when they reach market, because it is important for the farmers to raise the best fruit in order to get people to continue buying it. In these fields millions of oranges are grown for our benefit, and for the people in our country to keep them healthy and satisfied.
This brand name of oranges helped promote new and attractive images of California. According to the Sequoia Citrus Association this label, “accentuated the image of California as a land of plenty, innocence, beauty, and hard work,” (Mc Quaid – pg. 17) and due to this it promoted the citrus fruit these farmers ship all across the United States. This paper label, having promoted images of California gave people a view of this state, as they have never seen before. The orange p

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