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Subje ct: Succesful Dartmouth Applicant
In life, it is very important to help and teach others in any way possible. During my past
four years in high school, I have used my talents and abilities in order to help benefit
others and improve my community. Since childhood, I have always been very creative and
artistic in all of my endeavors -- both academic and extra-curricular. In addition, I have
always been a very enthusiastic student and have had a strong interest and desire to help
teach other people. As I have grown older and more mature, I have begun to realize the
value and significance of helping others and contributing to my surrounding community.
Furthermore, I have recognized that the best way to help others is by doing something that
I personally have an interest and strong ability in. By involving myself in worthwhile
volunteer and community activities, I can further develop my interests and talents while
serving others.

One of my most unique volunteer activities was painting murals on the classroom walls of a
local elementary school. The South Plainfield Riley School summer painting project took
place during the summer of 94 and was a wonderful experience for all who participated.
Originally, I was offered a position to paint in the school as a summer job, in which I
would be paid on an hourly basis by the South Plainfield Board of Education. Due to prior
misunderstandings and miscommunication on behalf of administrators, I was then informed
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