Personal feelings of free term papers Essay

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Personal feelings of free term papers

So I'am working on a term paper, researching on the ever resourcful internet. I stumble
upong a site that offers my term paper already written, including resources. Well sure why
not I say as I copy, paste, print and take off for a unexpected free three hours with my
friends. The next morning I slide my paper to my teacher and sit back through the rest of
the week. When the class papers are returned I smile at the A . So what's wrong with that.
Someone else wrote my paper, so? I at least read the words they offered. That was a year
ago, when I got my first taste of plagerism. Just like anything else nowadays I was
addicted by the second 12 page report due in English. During those glorious homework free
months I turned in over 16 paper I never typed. It wasn't until my Geology class that I
realized what I was doing was wrong. I wanted so bad to impress my teacher, I wanted so
much to get a B, I worked harder than ever and actually included a hand drawn diagram
traced from my computer screen. Needless to say my teacher caught on and returned my paper
with a huge D-, just for my effort. I never realized what not only was i cheating myself,
but I was breaking the law. The moment my name was on those title pages- I comitted a
crime. Nowadays I look at free papers as other tools for reaserch and few good sentences.

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