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Personal Statement

8:02 a.m. Saturday. It's still dark, as usual, on these cold, winter days. Everybody else
is still sleeping and enjoying the comforting heat of their beds. I crack open the locked
window by my bed, an act some deemed downright idiotic. I strip off my pajamas, throw on
my robe, and head for the shower.

Drying off, I think about where I am about to go. I dress piece by layered piece. I can't
wait to hit the slopes! I round up my tools: body, boards, boots, and bindings. Everything
is in working order and ready for take- off. As I open the front door, I am shocked by the
cold and fight my way through the wind to my car. I turn the key and put the heater on
full blast. I am almost there.

I step out of my car and survey the parking lot. Not too many cars. That's the way I like
it. I take a deep breath and savor the fresh air. Already, I can feel the pressure of
deadlines lifted off my chest. I strap my skis on, and prepare not just to tackle a run
but other situations in my life as well. I skate over to the first pitch of the double
diamond slope, and map out where I will take the first couple turns. It is almost like I
am assessing my goals in life: getting accepted into Florida State, owning a house some
day, raising a healthy family.

I appreciate the sound of carving the first turn as if it was my very last. The crunching
of the snow under my feet empowers me to crush the antagonists in my everyday life. The
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