Personal Writing: What I Learned This Semester In Essay

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Personal Writing: What I Learned This Semester In English Class

Personal Writing: What I Learned This Semester In English Class

I feel this semester, only the first of many I will endure, was a successful one.
The objective of the course was to make us better writers, and I certainly have
improved. I learned what makes a paper good or bad, what makes it easier to
write a good paper, and how the manner that the class is held makes a difference.

However, I feel I should have taken my high school English class more seriously.
The teacher graded rather leniently, which attributed to my lack of effort. The
amount of work required to get an "A" paper in my high school was about
equivalent to the work required to get a "C" paper here at Lehigh. It was a
very difficult adjustment for me. I went through high school writing what I
now know to be not-so-good papers, but received good grades for them. Then, I
thought they were good because of the grades I got. Now, I find myself working
over twice as hard for half the grade.

This isn't a completely bad thing, though. It teaches me that my writing really
wasn't very good. What I used to think deserved an "A" I now realize only does
deserve a "C." Now I have to take my writing more seriously, and try much
harder at producing good output. Also, my goal isn't to write a paper that will
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