Persuasion Essay

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Malina Patrick
Homework Assignment #2
Dr. Kenneth Haught
February 23, 2000
For this homework assignment, I was asked to create or find two examples of persuasion,
and explain the examples using the vocabulary found in chapter 6 of the text The Art and
Science of Persuasion by Deirdre D. Johnston. The two examples that I will be discussing
were found in The Dickinson Press, Tuesday, February 15, 2000 issue. One was taken out of
the “Opinion” section of the paper (referred to as example 1), and the other was seized
out of the “Life Style” section (referred to as example 2).

Example #2, the Sears advertisement, is an example of a structural strategy. It uses the
“foot-in-the-door” technique in a very obvious way. In bold print, the President’s Day
Sale that subtracts an additional 10% off of already sale-marked merchandise and zero
financing is a tactic used to lure consumers into the Sears stores to purchase products.

It is a two-sided argument. The audience is aware of the costly amount appliances and
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