Persuasive paper for polictical immigrants Essay

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persuasive paper for polictical immigrants

Dear Senator,

It has been brought to my attention that the percentage of
Immigrants that are allowed into the United States are so small that
it’s like nothing. It’s a shame that only a slim number of immigrants
are allowed into the United States. Which is kind of bizarre since
our country stands for freedom. My suggestion to Congress is to vote or to increase the
number of political refugees. You’re probably sitting they’re reading my letter thinking,
“This young lady is crazy right? Allowing every immigrant into this country is like
putting a neon sign on the Statue of Liberty that says “Come to the U.S. we allow entry to
everyone into this country!” Honestly, I can understand trying to control the illegal
immigrants into the U.S. However, political refugees whose lives are in endangered in
their homeland should have a higher consideration for political aslyum.

America is a country built by immigrants. If you think about it the only “true American”
is the American Indian. Everyone else came here from somewhere else. I believe if the
immigrant get to this country they have just as many rights to stay here and given an
opportunity to become an American citizen. I realize you do have to stop at a point. I
believe if their life is endangered then they do have a right to request and be granted
American citizenship. Just because they came from “a Foreign Country” doesn’t mean you are
allowed to treat them badly. Some of the people who come here are fleeing their own
country due to either the country’s over-controlling government. Many governments are very
violent and have no respect of life. The majority come with only the clothes on their
back. And many flee the poverty, and hardship of their countries and risk their own lives
for the freedom of the U.S. that we take for granted.

An example, in the book The Bean Trees two of the characters were illegal immigrants from Guatemala. In the story.
Esperanza and her husband Estevan flee from their homeland of
Guatemala because their government was after them. They
knew information about a group of twenty-five members. The government would do anything in
their power to get that information from them. One day the government sent soldiers to the
town where Esperanza and Estevan

lived in and killed three of the group’s members along with
Esperanza’s brother and kidnapped their daughter. As in the movie the Replacement Killers
the lead character said, “They get their revenge by going through their families.” That’s
what I think the government did. They got revenge by kidnapping Esperanza’s daughter. They
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