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What do you think of when you hear the word curfew? Is it a time that your parents have
set for you so you dont stay out late? Why should teenagers have curfews? Why does the
law get involved with you curfew? When I think about the word curfew these are the
questions that come to my mind. As a teenager I abide by a curfew. I am not against
curfews that your parents have assigned you, just when the law gets involved with it.

Many police go around at ten o clock p.m. making sure that no kids under eighteen are on
the streets or even entertaining places. I think that it is the most ridiculous thing I
have ever heard. Police officers go around acting like they are your parents, when
actually your parents know you are out having fun. It would make more sense for a police
officer to go around making troublemakers and kids on probation go home. Why should many
of us innocent teenagers suffer for having a curfew? Police officers go around trying to
make a point, but what they do not realize is that teenagers dont listen. They tell many
teenagers to go home, but what ends up happening is they just go somewhere else to hang
out. Teenagers these days will just rebel. We teenagers have a point, why should we go
home if a police officer tells us to, if our parents let us go out and we are not doing
anything wrong.

Another thing that gets to me is why the curfew law applies to teenagers sixteen and
seventeen years of age. An average teenager gets his or her licenses at age sixteen.
Usually by the time you are sixteen you are mature and responsible enough to drive and
stay out with friends or even family. Drivers go places to have fun and these curfew laws
take this opportunity away from us. Even if you are younger than sixteen and your parents
are willing to let you stay out after ten o clock p.m. then what is the problem?

The main disadvantage of a curfew is the time. You are only allowed to be out until ten
o clock p.m., these days it seems to early. Most teenagers get done with their dinner,
housework, and homework by nine o clock. What if we want to go on a nice walk at night
to look at the stars with our relatives, friends, or even our boy/girl friends? We cant
because the curfew law applies to us.

What happens if your parents approve of you going out after ten o clock p.m.? You cant
because the curfew law does not allow you to. I believe your parents have more power over
you to tell you what you can and cant do. This is why I do not support the curfew law,
only if your parents assign it.

In the past I have encountered many problems with the curfew law. For example at the
Irvine Spectrum. If you are relaxing outside of the shops in the evening after ten o
clock p.m. you have the police officers threatening to take you home. Another situation I
encountered was when I went to this party with my family and friends. There were cops
everywhere. They threatened my friend and me, that if we took one more step over the line
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