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Pet Sematary by Stephen King is a book about an ordinary family moving from Maine to
Ludlow because the family father, Louis Creed, got a new job as a doctor at the University
in Ludlow. Louis and his wife Rachel, have two kids and they also have a cat called
Church. Elly has just started school, and Gage is two years old. Across the big road in
front of their new house, Jud and Norma Crandall lives, and almost instantly Louis and his
family become very good friends with Jud and Norma who are an old couple in their early
eighties. Every now and then Louis goes over to Judís in the evenings and theyíre drinking
beer and talking. Louis and Jud become very close friends and Louis thinks of Jud as a
very wise old man. Jud tells Louis and Rachel to have the kids stay out of the dangerous
road outside their garden.

On one of the first days after their arrival in Ludlow this beautiful summer, Jud takes
Louis and his family to show them the pet cemetery situated in the forest behind their
house. After walking quite a bit on this hot summer day they finally arrive at the pet
cemetery. Ever since early this century, children have buried their beloved pets in this
pet cemetery and a sign saying PET SEMATARY has also been put up at the entry of the
burial ground.

On Louis first day at work a student named Victor Pascow got hit by a car while jogging.
His head is smashed real bad and he is struggling between life and death on the floor of
the infirmary. When Louis sits alone by the unconscious boy lying on the floor, he knows
that the boy isnít going to make it. Suddenly Victor Pascow opens his eyes and tells Louis
that he should not go beyond the pet cemetery. Since Louis had never seen or spoken to
this Victor Pascow before, and he is very puzzled about Victorís statement. A second later
Victor is dead.

When thanksgiving holiday arrived Rachel and the kids were going to Maine to visit
Rachelís parents. Louis stayed home because he and Rachelís father had hated each other
from the first day they met. Rachelís father had tried to bribe Louis to stay away from
Rachel as he didnít think Louis was the appropriate man for Rachel. When Rachel, Elly and
Gage were in Maine, Church got run over by a big truck on the road outside their house.

It was Jud who discovered the dead cat lying on his lawn. The sky had just begun to darken
as Jud told Louis that they were going to bury the cat in the pet cemetery. Louis put
Church in a plastic bag, Jud took a shovel and they began the long walk towards the pet
cemetery. When they arrived at the pet cemetery, Jud took Louis over a deadfall and deeper
into the dark forest. After a long walk on the muddy path, they finally arrived at what
Jud called the Micmac burial ground. Louis, though a little bit confused, followed Judís
directions and dug a hole in the ground and buried Church.

The following day when Louis was in his garage, he suddenly saw a dirty cat looking like
Church coming into his garage. He soon realised that it was Church. His fur was full of
dirt from the graveyard where Louis had buried him the night before. At first he told
himself that Church hadnít been dead when he buried him, but he was a doctor and he knew
Church was dead when he put him in the bag the night before. Later on that evening Jud
told Louis the story about the Micmac burial ground and how people in Ludlow had buried
their pets there and had them revived ever since Jud was a little kid or even earlier. Jud
told Louis how he had been shown the burial ground when his dog died when Jud was a little
kid. People didnít talk about it but almost everybody knew about it. And everyone who had
buried a pet there felt an urge to carry the tradition on. Now it was Judís time to tell
someone, and it happened to be Louis. Jud said that every pet buried in the Micmac burial
ground came back with some change in their character. Church had become lazy and walked
like he was drunk. Jud said he only knew about one animal who had turned really mean.

When Rachel and the kids came home from their visit at Rachelís parents, they didnít
notice anything strange about Church beside the awful smelling cloud that followed him
where ever he went.

The spring came and Gage was playing in the Garden, under the supervision of Rachel and
Louis. Gage ran towards the big road just as Louis heard a roar from a big truck heading
his way. Louis got up and shouted for Gage to stop but he didnít listen. As the big truck
got closer Louis ran with everything he got and threw himself after Gage just as he was
about to enter the road with the big truck approaching at full speed. Louis fingertips
touched Gageís jacket but Gage continued into the road and got hit by the truck. Louis got
up from the ground and ran after Gage. His body had been thrown away and was mutilated.
Gage was dead.

A couple of days later Gage was to be buried. Louis couldnít accept Gageís death and was
thinking about burying him in the micmac burial ground. He asked Jud if a person ever had
been buried there. Jud told him to not even think about it, but when Jud realised that
Louis really was considering this, he told him about a boy who had died in the war over in
Europe, and after his body was shipped home, his father buried him in the micmac burial
ground and when he came back he was really changed. He was mean and had supernatural
capabilities. He knew about everyoneís deepest secrets. And finally the father killed
himself and his son. Although Jud told Louis this story, Louis thought that nothing of
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