Pete rose & the hall of fame Essay

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pete rose & the hall of fame

Pete Rose & the Hall of Fame
When I go watch my Chicago Cubs at beautiful Wrigley field I am concerned with the game
and what is in front of me, not what is going on off the field. I go to enjoy the game and
the talent of the athletes that play. I could care less about what Sammy Sosa is doing off
the field, he is the man because of his skills on the field and what he does for Americas'
past time. Last time I was sitting on the third base line and Sammy stepped up to the
plate I did not think to myself "I wonder if he hits his wife like he hits a baseball," or
"he looks like a big time gambler," I was shouting his name and clapping in support for
hope of another homer being sent over the ivy covered wall. My enthusiasm was booming for
this mans talent and what he brings to the table to help my cubbies win. Now would you not
think that a baseball player in the Hall of Fame should be looked at the same way? Should
a hall of famer not be jugged based on his baseball skills and what he did on the field?
Well that does not seem to be the case when it comes to Pete Rose. Since being banned from
baseball in 1989 for off field actions he denies, he has repeatedly been denied access to
Cooperstown. Pete Rose was one of the greatest baseball players ever and should be
inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame because of it.

Pete was placed on the ineligible list of baseball players in 1989 for allegedly betting
on baseball, the worst baseball "sin" you can commit. He was reported to the FBI by one of
his bookies, Ron Peters. "Peters testified that Rose also bet on his own Reds (only to
win, allegedly), even placing calls from the stadium" (Goldman 23). Rose claims that he
never bet on baseball only other sports, but various bookies say otherwise, claiming that
Rose started betting on baseball after losing largely on other sports. Checks received by
bookies had been linked to Rose through finger prints and handwriting further
incriminating him. With no direct proof that he bet specifically on baseball Pete Rose was
still banned from the game. "I can't say if Rose bet on baseball—I don't know. But he
has paid his dues. The guy deserves to be back [in baseball] and in the Hall of Fame,"
former Cincinnati Reds player Tommy Helms told newspapers. In 1991 one year before he
would be eligible to be inducted into the Hall of Fame, players banned from the game
coincidently became ineligible for Hall. Some say this happened to directly block Rose
from Cooperstown.

If you look at Pete Rose the ball player he was amazing. To fans everywhere he was […]
the guy who swung his heart out, ran as fast as he could to get on base, and didn't bat an
eye before diving headfirst into a slide (Current Events 3). Rose is a seventeen time
all-star and a World Series Most Valuable Player. He holds over seventeen major league
records ranging from all-time record for most career hits-4,256, to being the only player
to play more than 500 games at five different positions, first base (939), second base
(628), third base (634), left field (671), and right field (595). Not only did Pete Rose
play for three teams, he managed his hometown Cincinnati Reds as well. Rose was simply
"Mr. Baseball" in his time.

Many people believe strongly that Pete should not be admitted into the Hall of Fame.
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