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peter shaffer

"During the years of the so-called New Drama in Britain, critics became used, almost to
the point of being blase, to dramatists making sensational debuts" (Taylor 313). These
dramatists (or playwrights) included John Osborne, Harold Pinter, Arnold Wesker, John
Arden, and Peter Shaffer.

Peter Levin and his twin brother Anthony were born to Jake Reka and Fredman Shaffer in
Liverpool, England on May 15, 1926. Anthony is also a playwright, who's play Sleuth
(1970), has had more performances than all of his brother's plays combined. Nevertheless,
Anthony, who has pursued law, advertising, and television, has not yet embraced the stage
as his chief vocation (Smith 452).

In 1936 the Shaffer's all moved to London. This is where Peter attended St. Paul's School
till he graduated in 1944. From 1944 to 1947, Peter worked in the Chrislet coalmine,
having been enlisted as one of the "Bevin Boys," essential workers in service to the
country, organized by Ernest Bevin, Churchill's Minister of Labor during the Second World
War. Shaffer found coal mining an arduous occupation that he states, gave him a great
sympathy for the way many people are forced to spend their lives (

Shaffer then attended Trinity College in Cambridge, where he and Anthony co-edited the
student magazine Grantha; he received a B.A. in History in 1950. "He began writing at
Cambridge or shortly after; accounts differ as to whether he was writing and tearing up
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