Petty Lawsuits

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Petty Lawsuits

Are we Sueing for a Purpose?

People today are not sueing to rectify matters. There is no purpose in lawsuits today. I
believe everyone is out to get an easy buck through the judicial system. It is almost
inevitable if people spill hot coffee on themselves that they will win a lawsuit against
the company that served them that coffee. People believe that nothing is their fault and
that someone (the defendant) should pay. The problem with the judicial system today is
that people are sueing all the time and winning in court with ridiculous cases.

Take this case in North Carolina for instance. A Dallas couple is sueing Kmart for $23
million dollars because some Kmart employees harassed and accused the Dallas couple of
going through their garbage. The employees were fired and the Dallas couple sued for $23
million. Fortunately the couple didn’t receive all that money, there is a state law
capping punitive damages which forced the judge to reduce it to $250 thousand dollars.

The plaintiffs feel that they have been mistreated and that Kmart should reconcile with
them by paying them off. The couple states at the end of court that “they believe us. That
the most important thing, they believe us.” Obviously that is not the most important thing
to them for they are trying to appeal the state law which caps their $23 million. And if
that’s not greedy enough, the week before the jury awarded them $18,985 in compensatory
damages. So the couple was awarded $268,985 for being accused over something as petty as
going through a stores trash.

Anyone can differentiate one fraudulent case from another. I understand that the Dallas
couple is trying to clear their name from shame. But trying to appeal the already huge sum
of money and going for more shows just how greedy these people really are. They got what
they wanted, for the people to believe them. Everyone believes them now, and on top of
that, they were awarded a nice some of money.

There are people out there who really do deserve some kind of compensation for negligence,
harassment, or anything else that might have gone wrong. For example, a Gastonia man who
already has enough appeal to pity has yet another problem to deal with. He is a paraplegic
who awoke to find a rat eating at his leg to the bone. Due to his condition, he can’t feel
the rat gnawing at his leg. The state Court of Appeals ruled that he can sue his landlord.
Is this just? I believe so. Should he be compensated? I also think so. The living
conditions in his apartment were not all that healthy to begin with and the Gastonia man
repeatedly complained to the landlord about rats scratching at his walls.

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