Pharohs Essay

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Three important pharaohs are Thutmose III, Nefertiti and Senusret III.

Thutmose III lived from 3429 to 3375, died when he was 54 years old.

Thutmose was probably the most interesting one of all them being that he

never lost a battle. He was a great Egyptian ruler. Along with being a great

ruler he was also a great horseman, archer and a good athlete. He built the

temple of Amun at Karnak. Thutmoses mother, Hatshesut took the throne

from him. Although after his mother died Thutmose went around taking

everything that his mothers name was on off and replacing hers with his.

Thutmose was faced with two people they were called Princes of

Kadesh and Megiddo. The both of them put together had a very large and

strong army. Thutmose immediatley set out with his army. Thutmose and his

army crossed the Sinai dessert. They then marched into the city of Gaza.

Thutmose's private secretary, Tjaneni kept records of everything that

happened which was later copied and engraved on the walls of the temple of


Many people claimed that Thutmose was a smart person of his time.

Many people even called him a genius. He understood alot of things that many

others didn't. He understood the logistics and lines of supply. Another thing he

knew that others didn't, he was probably the first person to realize and

actually use the sea-power with his army men. Thutmose conducted sixteen

army men in Syria, Nubia and in Palestine. Thutmose was a national hero

who was remembered way after his death. Thutmose has had some of the most

powerful nations.

Another important pharaoh was Nefertiti. Little is know about

Nefertiti. What we do know is that she was the wife to Akhenaten which was

during the eighteenth dynasty. Some debate still remains on whether Nefertiti

was the actual mother of Akhenaten and also his wife at the same time.

The time when Akhenaten ruled, the religion changed alot. With the religion

changing the people left behind the old gods. They then believed in heresy. It

was wondered if it was Nefertitis descision or if it was Akhenatens to have a

religion reform.

Akhenaten was appointed on her outside of the family. As a result after
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