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Tom Hanks plays a homosexual male in the movie Philadelphia. He is a strong character whom
is suffering from the Aidís virus. The story goes on to show his trial and triumphs over
the company that fired him for the wrong reasons. Tom Hanks plays a man who has to
struggle with the conscience of having risky behavior where in which, he was infected. He
must now face death and the struggle of finding a lawyer who will fight a major
corporation, in his defense.

His character is strong and stubborn at times. Very sensitive to his family needs even at
the risk of not going through with his case. He has to struggle as any Aidís patient
would, with the discrimination of his bosses, the people around him and the public. Also
the discrimination of being gay in a homophobic world. Tom Hanks character sheds light on
these bias by winning his trial case. He also enlightens Densil Washington his lawyer
about the struggles in his life.

Densil Washingtion plays a heterosexual married male, who has bias toward the gay
community. He feels repulsed at the idea of two men being together. At the end he realizes
his mistakes and opens his heart to Tom Hanks character. He also very misinformed about
the aidís virus and rejects Tom Hanks character case because of it. He later realizes that
he was wrong and misjudged him.

Densil Washingtion is a loving father and provider in his family. He worries at times
about his image but risks it all to do what is fair. He very good at convincing and
persuading the jury to judge in his behaves. He loses all his bias by the end of the film
when he realizes that everyone is just human, and is created equal. Densil is a great role
model for society because he learned something valuable about the world when he won the
court case.

2.) Some examples of discrimination relating to the problems of Aidís are that people
are misinformed or not educated on how to contract the virus. In the beginning of the
movie Densil Washington, character did not want to repress Tom Hanks character because of
the simple fact of discrimination. Then he ran out to get a blood test in fear that he
contracted it from a handshake. The library scene where the librarian discriminated
because he knew that Tom Hanks had aidís and tried to push him into a private room. Many
people will try to isolate people with aids as long as society is ignorant to the needs of
all people.

3.) There is justification for the reactions of the people in the movie. Plain ignorance
and lack of education in the area of aidís and homosexuals. The peoples bias has no
justification, it their own personal opinions that make them look stupid. It may make some
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