Phychoanalitic evaluaion Essay

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Phychoanalitic evaluaion

From the outside it almost seems as if he is shying away from the world. Always keeping
to himself and very seldom is found leaving his residence. Not shying away from the world
in fear, but rather in an insecure manner. He seems to live in his own world, not caring
about what is going on around him or what he is missing out on. He lives according to his
standards and rarely lets his peers influence him. Once you have the chance to get to
know him, your perception of him changes. Though from the outside he seems to be over
looking the world, he intact has a lot to offer. You will find that he has a personality
and only those who truly know him, can understand him; only those who understand him are
the ones he is most secure being around and socializing with.

Personality defines individuals through their patterns of thoughts,feelings. and behaviors
in various situations. Psychodynamic theories view behavior as the end result of
³interacting psychological dynamics within a person.² Often times it is a result due to
outside conscious awareness. The term, psychoanalysis, is the name of Sigmund Freudıs
theory as well as the form of therapy he invented. According to Freud, behavior is based
on unconscious drives and instincts.

According to Freud the personality of a person forms around three separate structures: the
id, the ego, and the super ego. this may explain some of the behaviors of the person
described earlier. The id is composed of unconscious urges and desires which demonstrate
expression. ³A person forms a mental image of an objector situation that party satisfies
the instinct and relieves the uncomfortable feeling.² This ties directly with the person
explained earlier. If, from the outside he always seems to be in his own world, maybe he
is. It could be his way of unconsciously dealing with his uncomfortable feeling of being
in public, or around people he doesnıt know. The ego controls all thinking and reasoning
activities. Again in our example earlier, our subject consciously feels uncomfortable,
in a given situation, then his body will react unconsciously and make his mind enter the
process of wish fulfillment. The super ego is our ³ego ideal and moral guardian.² It is
through the super ego why our example knows how to stay true to himself and not be
influenced by outside pressure. It is something that grows on individuals as they grow

Another type of theory which can apply to our example is behaviorism.

behaviorism is a belief that psychology should deal with only observable, measurable
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