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Psychology is the study of human behavior, how we think, feel and act. Psychologists
study both normal and abnormal behavior to understand it. Psychologists also try to
use what we learn from that study to help people change aspects of their behavior
that they want to change. Areas of psychology are clinical, industrial, and
developmental. Careers in Psychology offer varied opportunities. Employment
opportunities for capable psychologists are expected to be slightly better than average
over the next several years. However, if you're interested in a career in Psychology,
you should know that the training program to become a psychologist is a long one.
There is also stiff competition for places in graduate training programs in Psychology.

So why major in Psychology if it is going to take so long? First of all, it is an interesting
profession that offers the opportunity to increase the well-being of one's life. It
requires critical thinking skills, statistical reasoning skills, and research design skills. Also
a major part of being a successful psychologist is having practical knowledge about
people and a charismatic self.

People who want to major in psychology usual get a 4-year degree at a university.
During the first four years, the student obtains scientific and clinical knowledge in
Psychology. It is also possible to get an internship during the third year of schooling. As
well, students will get some opportunity to see what applied practice in Psychology will
actually look like by taking courses and seminars in areas of special interest. Following
the undergraduate degree, a two year program of graduate studies in Psychology in a
university will lead the student to a Master's degree. Part of that two-year program will
usually involve completing a research project in Psychology. Some areas allow persons
with a Master's degree in Psychology to be registered as a psychologist. However,
many people, particularly those who want to practice in a specialty area of Psychology,
will go on to complete their doctoral degree in Psychology before becoming registered
or licensed to practice. This will take another three to four years of study on average.
As part of the doctoral program, students will complete a more complex research
project in Psychology that will serve as their doctoral thesis. They will also complete an
intensive one-year internship program outside the university that will prepare them with
the clinical skills they need to practice Psychology following completion of their degree.

With a bachelor's degree in Psychology it is possible to be a child welfare worker, a
mental health therapist, a psychiatric aid, a crisis intervention worker, a rehabilitation
worker, a group home worker, and even an employee in human resources. A person with
only a bachelor's degree cannot legally practice psychology in the states. They can
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