Essay on Physical Fitness

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Physical Fitness

Physical Fitness Essay
When choosing what physical characteristic that I would fall under, it was really hard to
choose just one that would fit me. During the day I am sort a nerd. I try to do my
homework as much as possible and I also sometimes get my Chemistry class mad by being the
only one who would turn in the homework; simultaneously reminding the teacher that that
assignment was due. I don’t go to class late and I don’t swear at the teacher
or try to con my way out of doing work. I like to do all the work by myself and not with
groups. I like to have full control of what happens and I like to get the full, either
good or bad, recompense from the work. After school I turn into a jock/athlete. I have
practice for Rangers everyday. We do push-ups, sit-ups, we run the block, and also do
pull-ups. The team trains for Punahou Triathlon, Kaiser Triathlon, Maui Triathlon,
Adventure Team Training, Navy Adventure Team Challenge, Ultimate Challenge, and Big Island
Adventure Team Challenge. The Triathlons include a two-mile run one-half mile swim, and
basketball throw. The Team Training and Challenges include Rope Bridge, Rappelling,
Heisting Rappelling, First Aid, Urban Orienteering, a physical fitness test, an obstacle
course call Little Nam, and a 13 (or 5) mile run. I have been to these events and they are
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