Pillaging Nature Essay

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Pillaging Nature

Pillagi ng Nature

I read Edward Hoaglands essay The Courage of Turtles.
I like turtles so I decided to right my essay on the
related to ecological issue in Hoaglands essay.

Another essay that I read for English is Malcolm X’s A
Homemade Education. I think that Malcolm has some
ideas in his essay that is related to Hoaglands essay,
so I will include a quote from Malcolm’s essay.

Turtles are interesting creatures, or as Hoagland puts
it "personable beast." These beasts are part of an
ecological system around a pond or lake. Ecological
systems are sensitive to change. Take away a piece of
the ecological system, such as turtles, the system
will disintegrate rapidly. This happened in a small
lake not to far away from where I grew up in
Washington State. The city decided that there were too
many ducks in this lake and had then all removed. The
lake quickly became choked up with waterweeds. The
ducks had been keeping a fast growing type of
waterweed in check by eating them.

What if a main piece of the ecological system was
taken away, like the lake as in Hoaglands essay. The
system would be devastated. Look at rainforest in
South America and Madagascar. The destruction has
gotten so bad that satellite photo show the erosion of
the land into the sea. That can not be good. What of
the turtles that live in places like these? The turtle
in Hoaglands essay hopefully in up in "boxes in boys
closets." Some turtle from Hoagland essay followed
their instink and "dug themselves into the into drying
mud for another siege in the hot weather…the drying
mud baked over them and entombed them." The turtles
from the rainforest also have it hard. If the turtle
are not killed by machines and fires used to destroy
rainforest, the turtles can go deeper into the forest,
stay and live with the people who now live in their
old home, or end up in the pet trade. The first option
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