Pink Floyd Essay

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Pink Floyd

Pink Floyd

In March of 1994, Pink Floyd released another album after a seven-year break from the
music business. The Division Bell set off a US and European tour that according to Forbes
will bring in an estimated 62 million dollars for the band. This is six million more than
The Delicate Sound of Thunder tour from 1988 and far more than the band's earlier tours.
For David Gilmour, Nick Mason, and Richard Wright the profit has increased, but for the
fans the quality has dwindled. Pink Floyd's current music continues to fall short of their
earlier albums because their attempts at self-imitation lack the concepts and musical
nuances that made their music popular for its uniqueness.

When Pink Floyd, who were now without the services of Roger Waters, began work on what was
to become A Momentary Lapse of Reason, they faced many who felt that the new Pink Floyd
could not produce an album worthy of the Floyd label. Gilmour could have ignored these
skeptics and produced an original album; instead he decided to imitate the Pink Floyd of
years past by hiring additional writers. Gilmour hired these writers to write lyrics and
music --- to make the music more as the fans expected. The result was an album that looked
much like any other Floyd album, but was in truth much less.

The album begins with an instrumental like so many other Floyd albums from the seventies.
It then continues with nine songs that either contain good lyrics or good music, but
rarely contain both. Finding several minutes that are comparable to any of the better
songs from previous albums is difficult. In 'Dogs,' from Animals, there is a definite
rhythm to the music, but a guitar solo or a new drum cadence distinguishes that specific
verse from the rest of the verses. Additionally, in 'Shine on You Crazy Diamond,' the
first song in Wish You Were Here, there is the long synthesizer chords followed by a
melodic guitar that introduces a simple, yet eloquent four beat guitar riff. This
emotional four beat riff would become more tiresome than skillful if it continued, but
after beginning the piece it does not reoccur --- a guitarless, saxophone solo finishes
the piece. All throughout A Momentary Lapse of Reason Gilmour establishes a specific
rhythm and then continues it throughout the piece without any break or change.

Along with this lack of nuances in their music, Pink Floyd also moved away from the
continuous, concept album. This is a break from their normal routine and would be an
original addition to the album except that it, along with their pop music approach to
'Learning to Fly' only make this album that much more like other rock albums of the time.
Pink Floyd was the first band to release a continuos rock album in 1973 when they released
Dark Side of the Moon. This continuity brought all the songs together despite their
separate topics. It was a breakthrough for them and the music industry since it induced
people to think of this and their future albums as bodies of work instead of just one or
two good was all or nothing. In their next album, Wish You Were Here, and their
subsequent albums they created albums composed entirely of related songs. Once again the
idea was to get their audience to listen and understand the entire album. A Momentary
Lapse of Reason is not a concept album; rather, it is a collection of unrelated,
noncontinuous songs.

During even the more memorable songs from this album there is something missing. The songs
contain only basic rhythms with none of the normal sound effects of samples found in
earlier albums. In The Wall there were the small television bits, the neo-nazis in
'Waiting for the Worms,' or even the backwards messages put there for fun that helped to
clarify the meanings of the songs or just acted as another interesting piece of the music.
Perhaps what is missing from A Momentary Lapse of Reason is effort. The spaces where these
samples or effects added color or meaning to a song or album where not filled, leaving the
listener with a sense of emptiness.

One area of writing, where Pink Floyd was original during the seventies, that the new Pink
Floyd attempted to continue was their use of continued songs. In Animals, 'Pigs on the
Wings' I and II act as a frame for the album and storyline. In The Wall, 'Another Brick in
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