Pink palace museum Essay

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pink palace museum

English Composition 101
29 November 1999
The Pink Palace Museum
When I first moved to Memphis, I decided that I wanted to learn more about my new
hometown. I thought that the museums would be the perfect place to help me learn more
about Memphis. There is one museum in particular that I will never forget. It is called
The Pink Palace Museum. The Pink Palace Museum is a pink grand palace made of pink bricks
and pink Georgian marble. Before the palace was transformed into a museum, it was
intended to be the home Charles Saunders, founder of the Piggly Wiggly grocery store.
Allegedly, Saunders had paid to have his dream home built. Unfortunately, his dream was
destroyed when he had to file a Chapter Eleven because of his outstanding debt. The city
of Memphis gained control of the pink palace that Saunders never lived in and decided to
put it on display for the public. As I drive into the parking area, I notice that the
palace has been altered. The palace now consists of the Sharpe Planetarium, the Union
Planters IMAX Theater and several displays of different moments in Memphis's history.
Next, I walk up to the entrance ready to start touring The Pink Palace Museum.

I begin my tour of the museum at the Sharpe Planetarium. I walk into this huge, black
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