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Fifth Business
Part Three, Chapter Two

What Happened:
In the chapter Dunstan gets a teaching position at Colborne Collage. He finds himself
talking about his days teaching and old girlfriends. The idea of a new love seems like a
viable option to him.

There is no real setting to this chapter. The atmosphere is a constant blur as it changes
from one to another so quickly. He changes from talking about his schooling to his old
girlfriends, all within one page.

Narrative Structure:
The narrative structure in this chapter was a flashback. There is no mention of present
events, Just the events that happened to Dunstan in the past that he recollects.

Dunstan Ramsey:
Dunstan does not seem to change, but brings about more information that gives us more of
an insight into Dunstan. Dunstan describes his teaching style and indirectly shows that he
is not as perfect as he is built up to be. This is shown by his refusal to teach the
female gender. Its kind of ironic because he says he treats everyone equally.

The Author is telling you that Dunstan is starting to change. Robertson Davies has Dunstan
talking about the reviving drop from the Cauldron of Ceridwen. The reviving drop from the
Cauldron of Ceridwen means that he is going to start an aspect of his life over.

Figurative Language:
Simile :
-"But I could not forget my brownish-red nubbin where one leg should have been, and a left
side that looked like the crackling of a roast." (Pg.117)

- "I took to teaching like a duck to water" (pg.116)

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