Plutarch Essay

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I found Plutarch to be a very interesting philosopher. But on the other hand I find his
readings very difficult to read and understand. I often get lost in these readings and
cannot pin point what Plutarch is trying to explain.

In Plutarch’s stories about these Greek hero’s he explains what they do and
why he likes them. He tells of certain values he praises them for and what things he sees
as bad. But he confuses me while doing this. These “characters” who were
real at a time seem to have done something or another towards the building of Rome. The
three “characters” we read about have done something towards constructing Rome
into the civilized culture we learn about. By making the first civilized city and
creating the first democracy these statesmen started something that would lead to where we
are today. In this essay, I will best try to describe what values Plutarch liked and
disliked. Also I will explain who the “characters” were and what
accomplishments they made toward civilizing Rome.

The first story by Plutarch is about the statesmen Theseus or better known as The Athenian
Adventurer. Theseus suppressed crime and brought the natives of Attica together into the
first democracy. He saved the Athenian children from the Minotaur, but his kidnap of the
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