Poem Reflection Essay

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Poem Reflection

I've only recently discovered how relaxing and soothing the art of poetry can be. Before,
I looked at the flowing words and expressive lines of poetry with scorn. How could people
become so utterly in love with such an odd type of writing? What was the point of learning
about the different structures of haikus and sonnets? All I knew was how difficult the
poetry section of my English class was going to be. However, after writing these twenty
poems, my outlook as changed completely. When I sat in front of my computer monitor, the
words simply came to me and poured out from my fingertips to the screen. The ability to
use my vast knowledge of adjectives from our four hundred vocabulary words seemed
exhilarating to me.

My poems are for myself to enjoy. They may seem boring or meaningless to others, but when
I read them, it reminds me of my feelings at the time I was writing. Looking back on the
poems I wrote my freshman year of English, I can only laugh and feel proud of what I've
accomplished. Instead of stiff rhyming patterns that made no sense, my poems are now
filled with true emotions, following no boundaries of strict iambic pentameter.

I first approached this project with caution, unsure of what it would turn out and how
time-consuming it would be. However, I'm grateful for this opportunity to explore the
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